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What Did You Say?

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

(with Charles Seashore and Edith Whitfield Seashore)

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This volume helps the reader to become a more effective, happier person by learning to benefit from information received from others. It's essential for everyone who manages or is managed, is a child or has children, is in a significant relationship or hopes to be in one.

Five Star Reviews from

A Must Have - Must Read Book

by Roberta Hill (Ottawa, Canada)

Here is my bias - this is a must have book for anyone in the coaching, management consulting, facilitation or training business. In fact it is a must read for everyone. The authors follow a sensible and clear route that would be a benefit to any reader. It is small, easy to read and powerful. The vignettes display excellent examples and the exercises at the end of each short chapter are practical. The italics of fantasy and fact regarding "feedback" makes for an even faster read. You can browse through it quickly to find the passages where you wish to focus.

The book is short and sweet enough but you can find it completely summarized in three pages in the Epilogue. If it sounds as if there isn't much meat to this book, think again. It is deceptively challenging but not daunting. It makes a great reference book that I like to come back to time and time again.

Practical Psychology in One Lesson

by "rrratfink" (Castle Rock, CO United States)

If I had the power to transport one book back in time and send it to myself, this would be the one. This is the book I needed when I became a people manager. It's also the book I needed when I began to raise my kids. In fact, I can't think of a time in my life when I did not wish I had more of the skills this book teaches. A simple but very deep book that causes a new level of understanding about how to talk to people with each reading. The authors draw on the best ideas from the great psychologists and show how to use them practically in everyday interactions. The short volume is easy to read and full of examples that can be immediately applied. In my humble opinion, this book is indespensible when managing people at work and managing close relationships at home. The conversational and entertaining style is a plus.

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Part 1. Facts and Fantasies about Feedback

    1: What is Feedback?

    2: Models of Feedback

Part 2. Giving Feedback

    3: The Compulsion to Give Feedback

    4: Giving Feedback When Invited

    5: The Fear of Giving Feedback

Part 3. Receiving Feedback

    6: Why Feedback Is Mysterious

    7: The Feedback Prevention Law

    8: Finding People to Give You Feedback

    9: Asking for Feedback

    10: What Aren't They Saying?

Part 4. Feedback as a Process of Interaction

    11: The Context of Feedback

    12: Elements of Feedback Messages

    13: Additional Sources of Difficulty

    14: Checking Out Interactive Feedback

Part 5. Facilitating Improved Interactions

    15: Clarity and Intimacy

    16. Clarity and Self-Worth

    17: Increasing the Amount and Quality of Feedback

    18: Timing Your Feedback

    19: Congruent Response

Part 6. Epilogue: Feedback Artistry

    The Art of Giving Feedback

    The Art of Receiving Feedback

    The Art of Congruence


Part 7: Appendix: Designing an Interaction Workshop

Part 8: Appendix: Further Resources for Learning About Feedback