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Becoming a Technical LeaderTechnical_Leader.html

Psychology of
Computer ProgrammingProgramming_Psychology.html

Weinberg on WritingOn_Writing.html

Understanding the Professional ProgrammerPro_Programmer.html

Exploring RequirementsExploring_Requirements.html

Quality Software Management
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Handbook of Technical ReviewsReview_Handbook.html

Quality Software Management
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Quality Software Management
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Quality Software Management
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General Systems ThinkingGeneral_Systems.html

More Secrets of ConsultingMore_Secrets.html

The Secrets of ConsultingConsulting_Secrets.html

Are Your Lights On?AYLO.html

What Did You Say?What_Did_You_Say.html

Perfect SoftwarePerfect_Software.html

General Principles of System DesignGeneral_Principles.html

Rethinking Systems Analysis & DesignRethinking.html

Amplifying Your EffectivenessAmplifying.html

Roundtable on Project ManagementRoundtable_PM.html

Roundtable on Technical LeadershipRoundtable_TL.html